Tyler Abbot

Programming for Economists, Fall 2016

This course is meant to give budding Phd students in economics a foundation in computer programming. The course is taught mainly in R, but also covers Python. That being said, the goal is not to teach a language, but an approach to solving problems using a computer. To that end, the course will introduce topics ranging from basic algorithm design, to numerical convex optimization, to building datasets. All of this will be taught in an examples based setting, studying such problems as The Gambler's Ruin or Least Squares. By the end of the course students should feel comfortable writing programs in R and Python, as well as understanding how programs are structured in order to better incorporate new tools into their arsenal. Note: All lectures available through the Github repository.

Course Information

Time Friday, 12:30 pm
Location Room S08, 13 rue de l'Universite (when possible)
External Site Github Repository